Board of Directors

Board of Directors Information

The Board of Directors of the SPCC holds monthly meetings (except during the summer months) on Zoom and at various locations/times to suit the majority of the board members. The document below entitled “Duties of Officers” lists the positions required for the Board of Directors with a brief description of their duties. Our Annual General Meeting is held in June of each year, and there are always opportunities at that time for members of the choir to get involved at the board level. The term commitment for board members is two years.

Current Board of Directors

  • Rachel Manley, President
  • Jane Mossop, Vice-President
  • Mary Baker, Secretary
  • Catherine Hanson, Treasurer
  • Sheila Tyner, Publicity
  • Nancy Webber, Concert Coordinator
  • Sonia Koehler, Librarian
  • Susan Blockberger, Membership

Useful Forms for Directors

SPCC Operating Guidelines
SPCC Duties of Officers